come lei with us :: kawaiian nights AW18

come lei with us :: kawaiian nights AW18

come behind the scenes with us for our AW18 kawaiian nights shoot. our first location shoot took place last summer on the fringes of fremantle in the wilde west coast. located in the a original 1930’s art deco house and former glass studio now affectionately named the kawa heart studio & shot with yocal lady wonder hayley gemma & with the magick of stylist sophie thè. 

in the new dream palette of dune + dusk + shell + whitewash our linen sets will keep you covered & oh-so-cosy for the coming autumn winter months. 

lei’ in linen with us. 

warning: our kawaiian nights linen can bring out a languid and lingering behaviour. do not expect much to be done when rollin’ in a dreamy cloud of kawaiian nights sheets. it’s best to let go and surrender to the comfort of our 100% french flax linen. 

x x the kawaii club x x 



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